Posted by: Erin | December 4, 2009

I am SO OVER …

in no particular order …

Jon and Kate

Tiger Woods

any and all of the hootchies who boinked any of the above.

shovelling snow (in the middle of high snowfall warning/blizzard like conditions right now. Damnit)

Telephone marketers.

Especially the automated ones that start the phone call with the blast of a ships horn. I mean who in all that is shiny and good ever thought that one up? How is that going to make someone stay on the line? For crap sake!

Glittery Vampire stories – the title escapes me right now. New Moon? I dunno. I’m over it.

Idiots in SUV’s who drive like it’s a frickin sunny summer day when in reality its a freaking snow storm! May they rot in hell (or at least only hurt themselves in the accidents they cause. Because they will. Cause accidents.)

**edited to add – Also? Idiots who  ride bicycles in crappulous snowy weather and who pass me on the right when I’m making a right turn – then give me the finger when I narrowly miss hitting them. Bastards.


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