Posted by: Erin | October 11, 2009

I’m going through a rough time.

I’ve been struggling with positivity daily and wondered often what’s the point? It’s very difficult to get any one part of my life where I’d like it to be when I’m feeling this way you know? Now this isn’t me saying that every moment of every day is me being depressed and emo. There are a lot of times where I forget about feeling the way I do. They don’t tend to happen when I’m alone though. lol

I’m not really looking  for an answer from anyone. I’m just putting this in writing. Maybe it won’t feel so overwhelming if it’s in writing? I mean you know how things can snowball and feel larger than life when they’re stuck inside your head. At least it’s that way for me.

I dunno.

Also? Things are ALWAYS more overwhelming during holidays. Mind you Thanksgiving isn’t normally viewed as a difficult holiday from what I’ve observed. It is though. And it’s the beginning of holiday season hell. Couple holidays I mean. blah.



  1. I’m sorry things are looking so down right now, erin. I hope that you can find some joy from the kidlets and that things start looking up for you soon. Hang in there, and if things don’t start feeling better, please go see someone. And know that you have lots and lots of friends out here who care a lot about you 🙂

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