Posted by: Erin | August 2, 2009

In July I read …

1. Killing Red by Henry Perez (new to me author)
2. Run to Me by Christy Reece
3. One Scream Away by Kate Brady (new to me author)
4. Dying Bites by DD Barant (new to me author)
5. Bending the Rules by Susan Andersen
6. My Lady by Shiloh Walker
7. Eve of Destruction by SJ Day
8. Eve of Chaos by SJ Day
9. Black and White by Jackie Kessler and Caitlin Kittredge
10. Having Justin’s Baby by Pamela Bauer (new to me author)
11. The Inn at Eagle Point by Sherryl Woods
12. The Prime Objective by Ginna Gray
13. Prey by Rachel Vincent
14. Overnight Sensation by Karen Foley (new to me author)
15. Medusa’s Master by Cindy Dees
16. Red Fire by Deidre Knight
17. Fade to Black by Leslie Parrish (new to me author)
18. Shadow Hunter by Linda Conrad
19. Notorious by Vicki Lewis Thompson
20. All of Me by Lori Wilde
21. Sins & Shadows by Lyn Benedict (new to me author)
22. Prey by Melina Morel (meh)
23. Hunter’s Edge by Shiloh Walker
24. Witch Fury by Anya Bast
25. Cut to the Quick by Dianne Emley
26. Dark Hunger by Rita Herron (new to me author – I think?)
27. When A Man Loves A Weapon by Toni McGee Causey
28. Library of the Dead by Glenn Cooper (new to me author)
29. Flowers on Main by Sherryl Woods

Wow! I had a bit of a reading frenzy in July it seems. lol The 29 books (along with a test read book not listed *g* so technically 30 books) read in July bring my YTD total up to 144 books.


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