Posted by: Erin | November 10, 2008

Remembrance Day

Yes I will be pausing and remembering who keeps me safe. My nieces (who I take care of) and I have been talking about the special day for soldiers for a while now. Sweetpea is proud to wear her poppy.



  1. Amen. My grandfather and my FIL are both retired military (Navy and Air Force, respectively) and my grandfather wasn’t even born in the states. Makes me doubly proud of him. My dad tried, but was rejected due to hearing issues. I try and teach my girls as well.

  2. Bless you for this remembrance. Since John is active duty/deployed, days like this are both difficult and moving for us. Many tend to forget the sacrifices made by the troops and their families. One of Bree’s friends has a special marine sticker on her car that reads: “I am sexually deprived for your freedom.” While I think this is a hilarious tag, it also serves as a reminder that it is not just the military person, but their entire family that is effected.

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