Posted by: Erin | October 25, 2008

What if …

… the ugly duckling really was a duck. He/She didn’t grow up to be a beautiful swan, and instead was just a bigger ugly duck?

Sometimes I feel like THAT is the story that describes my life.

I mean really what the heck was the moral of that stupid story? Judge a book by it’s cover? Because that’s what they were doing. No one liked the ugly duckling – except its mother – until it grew up to be beautiful then suddenly everyone wanted to be its friend. What would have happened though if she stayed ugly?

I guess that’s how you know that the story is make believe.



  1. Poor Erin, but I’m right there with you on this. So many of those ‘harmless’ stories of our youth are totally whacked out.

  2. That is a very good point, Erin. Some of those old Fairy tales are “horror” stories that actually terrify many children.

  3. Those fairy tales always scared me (but so do clowns)…so you see even as a kid I wasn’t right…*ggg*.

    I know the ugly duck feeling but I think we are harder on ourselves more so than others. We don’t really see ourselves as others do. Either that or you need to find those with better eyesight cause you look like a swan to me…*g*

    *big hug*

  4. ~hugs~ erin,

    many fairy tales and childrens songs and story from the past have dark beginnings. i was appalled when i found out what ‘ring around the rosey’s’ actually was about.

    as for the ugly duckling feelings, babe, i wish i could let you see yourself through my eyes because you’re beautiful. the friendship you give so freely to others, the care and devotion you have for your family, the beautiful pictures you take which prove you find the love and beauty in simple things, these are what matter, erin.

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