Posted by: Erin | June 27, 2008

I think this weekend …

I’m going to go on walks and take random pictures. I don’t have a great camera but I do want to get better at using the one I have. I wish I could take some classes and buy a better camera but that won’t be happening any day soon. 🙂 I might as well see what I can do with what I already have!



  1. I’m useless at taking pics. I honestly don’t think it’s the camera though. If you have the talent then you can take fab pics with any ole thing.

  2. I have seen some of your pictures and I think that they are awesome, so do not beat yourself up about the camera. The point is to enjoy yourself taking the pictures. Plus, practice really does help with photography, so just keep at it.

  3. Thanks Bonita 🙂 I think a lot of my frustration comes from the digital camera. Unless you put a lot of money into the camera there is a huge pause between pushing the button to take the picture and the actual picture being taken. I seem to have a lot of almost really good pictures. Especially if I want people or animals in them (looking natural not posed) lol.

    Jaynie, yes it is so too the camera dammit! 😛

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