Posted by: Erin | March 1, 2008

In February I read these books …

There are a few authors that I’ll be looking for more books – hoping for a backlist. There are also a couple who, while I won’t have their name on the OMG I have to BUY this book as soon as it is released, I’ll still read the books. (if that makes sense? I’m making an attempt at a budget this year with my books. LOL OY)

The books I read this month are …

Montana Red by Genell Dellin

All In One Piece by Cecelia Tishy

Last Breath by Mariah Stewart

Learning Curve by Terry McLaughlin

Charmed & Dangerous by Candace Havens

The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion

Charmed & Ready by Candace Havens

Shameless by Tori Carrington

Too Close To Home by Maureen Tan

Silent Reckoning by Debra Webb

Killing Fear by Allison Brennan

Past Sins by Debra Webb

The Matchmaker by Jamie Denton

Kiss of Fire by Deborah Cooke (OMG This book was AWESOME!)

Dead Perfect by Amanda Ashley

What Lies in Shadow by Tina Wainscott

Dinner First, Me Later? by Candy Halliday

Daughter of the Flames by Nancy Holder

Embracing Darkness by Margaret Carter

Something Wicked by Evelyn Vaughn

The Accidental Werewolf by Dakota Cassidy (YAY You Kota! Your book rocks!)

Twice Bitten by Samantha Reynolds (btw when is my sequel to A Kiss From the Rose??? lol I love that story!)

I read a total of 21 books this month bringing my year to date total to 42. Not too bad hmmm? šŸ™‚ I put a good dent into my TBR mountain (then filled the dent with more books. *sigh*). I’ve made a vow to not buy any new books in March (outside of the ones already pre-ordered of course!). Hopefully this will help my budget somewhat – along with making my TBR mountain more managable. šŸ™‚



  1. Hi ~ Hope you enjoyed Dead Perfect šŸ™‚

  2. Definitely!

  3. Um…you missed one chick! LOL. I’m hurt, terribly hurt.
    Nah…just kidding.

  4. Oh, and I’m so impressed that you blogged. Like twice in a row. What are you doing? Trying to show me up?

  5. oh crap! I totally didn’t miss you! I shall edit my post. YEESH! I can’t believe I didn’t put that on the list.

    I suck.

  6. No you don’t. It’s your eyes. You’ve had ’em so close to the monitor drooling over Ben Afleck in that blue tight shirt that well, we won’t discuss it in public. LOL.

    Oh and btw…yeah, you know I’m still F*cking Matt Damon…LOL
    Hugs sweetie!

  7. Well I’m Fucking Ben Affleck so there Sammie šŸ˜›

  8. OY–Ben’s been EVERYWHERE, huh? LOL

    DC šŸ™‚

  9. That is an Impressive list!!!
    I’m so jealous – you read Dakota’s book! I have to wait ’till I get to the states this summer. I have a huge list of books to get when I arrive!

  10. OMG–is this my SAM WINSTON???? How the hell are ya, chica?

    And don’t be talking crazy–you don’t want to ruin a perfectly good trip to the states by reading my book, darlin’. LOL

    Hugs, babe!

    DC šŸ™‚

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