Posted by: Erin | February 29, 2008

Copying Samantha Reynold’s blog

…just a little where she talks about her Secret Crush.

I couldn’t think of anyone interesting that was a secret crush. *s* Yeah I have silly crushes on people I will never meet but they aren’t secret. LOL

But what about voice crushes?

James Earl Jones *sigh* I love that mans voice. It makes me all shivery. *s* I could listen to him read the phone book. I even bought a children’s story book (with a tape) for his voice. Now the book (Why Mosquito’s Buzz In Peoples Ears) is a good one regardless, but with him reading it? OMG It’s freaking fabulous.

So am I weird (shaddap Jaynie) or do other people have voice crushes?



  1. Yep. Voice crushes are totally legit. But still my voice crush would be Sam Elliott and Gerry Butler.

  2. I have a couple, Valdimir Kulich, and Mitch Pileggi I could listen to either of them read the phone book. ;-0

  3. Hmm, I have to agree with James Earl Jones. I’m not sure I have any others…. but I still stop and listen every time I hear James Earl Jones on something……….. great voice *sigh*

  4. Vin baby – the voice that will take you to hell and back.

    …and of course you’re weird – sheesh

  5. Mmmm got to agree with Jaynie on Vin 🙂 I’m keeping comments to myself about the weirdness LOLOLOL

  6. 😛

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