Posted by: Erin | July 6, 2007

My Last Fundraiser **updated July 10/07

I’m officially 3 weeks away from my Weekend to End Breast Cancer 60 kilometre walk.


Three! OY!

I have 4 more packages I’ll be making a draw for. I’ll do 2 draws on July 25 (2 days before I’m busy with the pre-walk and walk) and I’ll do 2 draws on July 30. The day after the walk. They’ll be a YAY! I survived draw *g*

Just CLICK HERE to make a donation, and I’ll enter your name into the draw! Easy Peasy!

The prizes in the draws will be …
(prize package 1)books and promo goodies from Vivi Anna and Sasha White,

(prize package 2) books and goodies from The Babes (Dakota Cassidy, Isabella Jordan and Michelle Hoppe),

(prize package 3) Autographed books from Shiloh Walker


(prize package 4) a mystery package sent from me (It’s a mystery because I still don’t know all that will be in the package *lol* It’ll be full of groovy things though).



  1. Yeah Erin! I’m so proud of you!

    PS: email me so I can mail you these books of mine. lol

  2. YaY! Erin I am so proud of you. Congratulations Oo nice prizes. Goodluck to all 🙂


  3. Best of Luck, Erin. I am so proud of you!

  4. proud of you erin, you’re going to do great.

  5. Hey Erin,

    A big huge congrats! I am so proud and thrilled for you although right now I can imagine your stomach is full of butterflies but what an accomplishment this is and you will never forget it and will meet tons of awesome people with great strength and courage. I’ll be thinking about you and sending great thoughts and wishes your way.

    Thanks for caring and doing something about it!

    Debbie E

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