Posted by: Erin | June 17, 2007

*sticky post* Wanna win an ARC? **UPDATED

As many of you know, I’ll be participating in The Weekend to End Breast Cancer 60 Km walk which takes place on July 27-29. The actual days of the walk are the Saturday and Sunday. The proceeds from this walk will benefit the Alberta Cancer Foundation, funding important breast cancer research, education, services and care. Help me support the people who are going to kick breast cancer in the butt by making a donation towards my fundraising efforts.

With each donation I’ll put your name into a draw where you can win Hunters Salvation by Shiloh Walker! *click here for an excerpt*I can’t wait until this book releases (July 3,2007) and I can read Vax’s story! This character captured my imagination in the book Hunting the Hunter. I’ve been (not so) patiently waiting for his story since then. I’ll make the draw on Monday June 25.
**The draw date has been changed to June 18! Thanks again Shi 🙂

**I’ll also have a draw for some other books on July 2. More information about that will be coming soon!



  1. Erin, I hope you make 100% of your goal. I had a friend die on Thursday, May 31 from breast cancer. I will be attending her memorial service this Monday evening. Soon, please soon, may they find a cure for this deadly disease!

  2. I am so sorry Bonita 😦 You and your friends family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. I’m Jonesing for this book and lost my grandmother to breast cancer, so it’s a cause that’s close to me.

    HUGS Bonita. I’m sorry for your loss.

  4. How is this posted as June 25th??

    Confused, lol…

    Hope you do well on your walk! 🙂

  5. It’s posted as June 25th because I changed the date on this one. I don’t know any other way to keep the message at the top of the blog. lol

    (or because I’m magic)

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