Posted by: Erin | April 2, 2007

April fools?

Unfortunately not. *sigh* I am SO ready for spring to happen.

These pictures of my house/yard were taken today.



  1. So sorry Erin!!! Hopefull that will be the last!!

  2. Erin – I agree with you I hate to see all that white stuff outside, and the roads are really bad so be careful out there. I am wondering if we ever will get Spring.

  3. Wow – it’s really beautiful! But not too springlike, is it?

    Stay warm 🙂

  4. It’s just not right. Seriously. (((HUGE HUGS)))

  5. Erin, you can come to La to visit me! We are having nice weather in the upper 70’s – low 80’s (of course this summer we will hit the 100’s — but ’tis a rare place where the weather is nice all the time).

  6. Oh….yuk.

    Um, it’s really warm here in Oklahoma. Wanna come visit? *g*

  7. good gawd, Erin! Time to get outta dodge!

  8. Beautiful, but cold! Hope spring arrives soon, Erin.

  9. Well, down in Tennessee everything is blooming and the pollen count is in the 4,000’s. I think I’d rather have snow.

    Sneezy for the season, sniff

  10. I want to visit all of you people in warm places. LOL

    *sigh* It’s still snowing. It’s supposed to snow until Wednesday at least.

  11. Wishing you sun, sun, and more sun. I lived in Cleveland, Ohio for two very loooog winters. I feel your pain.

  12. Oh HUGS!!!
    I feel your pain – it’s gray and chilly here – but at least we don’t have snow!!

  13. I miss snow!

  14. wowza erin,

    all that snow might make the easter egg hunt easier. colored eggs should stand out really well against all that white ~grinz~.

    sorry it’s so cold and snowy there, babe. hopefully spring will get to you soon.


  15. I miss the snow too, sorry Erin, I get a little jealous whenever I see it because it doesn’t snow here.

    Hugs, Danette

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