Posted by: Erin | March 3, 2007


February 26, 2007

Picture a lazy Saturday afternoon at home. You’re hanging out with your six-year-old in his room while he quietly draws a boat on his MagnaDoodle. Maybe a bird is chirping outside the window. It’s all very bondy and nice.

The boy stops drawing for a moment, looks right at you and says: “HERE’S THE IMPORTANT QUESTION: What part of the mommy does the baby come out of?”

Jesus Christ! What’s with the friggin’ sneak attack?!

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  1. blogger has multiple personality disorder on this computer.

    I can drag out pictures of M’s birth to show him…

  2. That made me smile, Erin. Pretty darn cute and clever. 🙂

  3. LOL, definitely need a SPEW warning. My daughter never go that far in the thought processes when I was pregnant with her sister. I guess there are more benefits to having them closer together than I thought of.

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