Posted by: Erin | February 12, 2007

Books for Breast Cancer – Draw number 1 ***updated***

Will be on Monday February 12. I’ll do the draw by midnight MST.

Up for grabs for February is …..

An ARC of Hunters: Heart and Soul by Shiloh Walker. She received permission from her publisher to donate a hand bound, autographed copy of this book to 1 lucky winner!

Also up for grabs is

Sasha White’s donation of a CD with a PDF of all of her ebooks on it!

AND last but not least ….

Two autographed books by Kelley Armstrong ~ winners choice!!!


You can go HERE to make your donation.

Each donation gets you an entry into the draw as a thank you from me. 🙂



  1. OMG Erin that is fabulous prizes. Way to go Shiloh!!!

    Somebody is going to be very happy – Sasha and Shiloh!!!


  2. Hello Erin,

    I been trying to post on your blog but my pc was acting up *G*

    Nice prize someone will be very happy. OMG! All of Sasha’s ebooks. Ok some will be very happy and lucky wow. Very nice prize ladies YaY!

    Erin I will be sending out the stuff I am donating this wk. Just email me your snail mail.


  3. How very exciting!!

  4. Sweet!! Good luck y’all!

  5. Thanks everyone 🙂

  6. Wow, Erin, you are blessed with some very generous friends.

  7. Awesome idea, good luck!!

  8. Great Idea. Good luck!

  9. Great prizes :o)

  10. what a great idea and great prizes. I made my donation. My sil is a breast cancer survivor. over 5 years yay.

  11. Thank you so much Pam! I’m glad to hear your sil is a SURVIVOR!

  12. Dang – those prizes rock and that handbound ARC has me drooling!!!

    Rock on hon!

  13. Hi Erin, What a great contest and an even greater cause!

    My Step-Mother[who is a survivor]told me about this website.'s an easy way people can help raise money for woman to get free mammograms, you just go to the website and click the box,you can do it daily. There is also other ways on the site to help raise money.

  14. These are great prizes. I’m going to donate, but I can only pay by money order. Can I still be entered?

  15. You sure can. I have to go out for a couple of hours and if, when I get back I’ve received an email from you confirming this I’ll enter your name. If you haven’t replied back then I won’t be able to enter you for this draw.

    I am having at least one draw date a month until the weekend to end breast cancer walk though. There will be plenty of opportunities to win some fabulous prizes along with being a hero and helping put an end to breast cancer!

    Please e-mail me at

    I’ll give my mailing address to you.

    Another option is if you have paypal I also have a paypal account. I will take that then make a payment to the breast cancer site on my visa in your name. (that’s actually what I’ll have to do with a money order too. You’d have to make it out to me and I’d make a payment to the breast cancer site with my visa in your name)

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