Posted by: Erin | February 4, 2007

January reading frenzy

In January I read 24 books already published and test read 3 books.

*Loves Evolution (e-book) ~ Ally Blue
*Officer Down ~ Theresa Schwegel
*Daughter of the Blood ~ Nancy Holder
*I’ll Be Hunting You (e-book) ~ Shiloh Walker
*Jacob: The Nightwalkers ~ Jacquelyn Frank
*Pretend You Love Me (e-book)~ Stacia Wolf
*True Evil ~ Greg Iles
*Venus Envy ~ Shannon McKelden
*Finding Home ~ Lauren Baker & Bonnie Dee
*Storm Force ~ Meredith Fletcher
*Midnight Eyes ~ Sarah Brophy
*Ready to Take a Chance ~ Alice Wootson
*SeXTC (e-book) ~ Melani Blazer
*When Darkness Comes ~ Alexandra Ivy
*Staying Alive ~ Debra Webb
*Talk Dirty to Me (e-book) ~ Michelle Miles
*Talking With the Dead (e-book)~ Shiloh Walker
*Little Children ~ Tom Perrotta
*Isolation Ward ~ Joshua Spamogle
*Show Me ~ Celia May Hart
*H.R.H. ~ Danielle Steel
*Demon Angel ~ Meljean Brook
*Wicked Ties ~ Shayla Black
*Stealing Home ~ Sherryl Woods



  1. Holy crap! I read 9 books and thought it was a lot. LOLOL *sigh* I wish I had more time to read. I envy you.

  2. Ya see the thing is … I don’t have a social life. lol

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