Posted by: Erin | January 28, 2007

Even MORE Books for Breast Cancer

I updated this post (well re-wrote it with updates)

Does anyone know how to do those sticky posts? You know the ones that stay up at the top of the blog so I don’t have to keep re-writing them?

~Erin (having a blonde moment)



  1. Hi erin,
    e-mail me at my jennifermacaire addy – (
    I’d love to donate a book for the cause.

  2. Hi, Erin–

    Lorie O’Clare posted about your blog and raffle, so I thought I’d come and take a look.

    What a great idea to do this raffle to raise money for breast cancer research! I’d love to help by donating one of my print books–your choice of any (see them at my website,, click on books and print books to see them all).

  3. This is a wonderful idea, Erin!!


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