Posted by: Erin | January 25, 2007

I need help!

I need some songs to keep me walking at a decent pace (and to keep me motivated) to put on my mp3 player while I’m getting in shape for the weekend to end breast cancer.




  1. Erin, what type of songs do you like? How about some 50’s songs — especially the Jitterbug ones — they will keep you moving — otherwise, I will just have to download the Wiggles’ songs for you that they dance to — Alyssa and I get our aerobic workout with those songs — LOLLOL

  2. You’re the one that I want–Grease
    Greased Lightening–Grease
    Smack That–Akon
    Headsprung-LL Cool J
    Shake it like a salt Shaker-Outkast

    are just a few upbeat tunes from my I-Pod :0

    DC šŸ™‚

  3. Think of songs in movies that made people do inspirational things.

    Like that song from Rocky.

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