Posted by: Erin | January 18, 2007

Love Thursday – an early start

Love is a baby’s hand on your shoulder as she snuggles into you *s*

Happy Love Thursday, everyone! Don’t forget to leave links of love at the love is all around us site or your images in the Love Thursday Flickr pool.



  1. aww, gotta love those baby hands.

    great picture!


  2. So true! Sigh, that is an adorable picture.

  3. oh how sweet….

    Great, something else to get addicted to besides TT. I do need to work some, Erin. ;p I know, I’ll cheat…

    Love is the way your baby’s face lights up when you come in the room.

  4. ~smiles~ very nice, erin, i agree completly.


  5. Just precious, all those baby parts. Great picture–thanks for sharing and Happy Love Thursday!

  6. Indeed! How special when they get big enough to hold you back.

  7. Oh I just had that feeling last night. I don’t have children, but last night as I was feeding my nephew I felt him holding on to me. I melted!

    *I came here by way of Love is All Around

  8. Loooove those chubby lil fingers! Reminds me of my own when they were younger.

  9. awwww what a cute little pudger hand!

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