Posted by: Erin | December 1, 2006

November TBR Challenge

This month I read the book Sword of Rhoswen by Brenda Williamson.

The blurb from Samhain “The Silver Dragon is a myth, so they say. But legends are often born from life.

When Brienna Rhoswen sets out to find the man she has given a blood vow to marry, she never anticipates falling in love with the handsome rogue warrior.

Brogan Torrick has avoided his betrothed for one reason-fear. Rumored she’s a Mystic Healer, his prejudice rules his emotions. To garner an ally against an enemy, his father however, binds him into a marriage contract with the sorceress.

Meeting as strangers, Brogan believes he’s never seen a more beautiful and deadly messenger. On the journey, they struggle with an attraction they think is forbidden to them until they learn each other’s identity. Only their love may not be enough to keep them together and a drop of blood from the Silver Dragon may doom all Kingdoms if their enemy gets hold of the Sword of Rhoswen.”

I actually won this book and I’m so glad I did! I never would have picked it myself since it’s a historical romance and I tend to avoid those most of the time. If you haven’t yet red this book, or others by Ms. Williamson you should do so ASAP! I loved it 🙂 After I read it I went to Samhain Publishing and bought the rest of the books by Brenda. 🙂 I have it in e-book format so even if I wanted to I couldn’t pass this one on. It’s definitely a keeper!



  1. Kisses and Hugs….and where was that you said to send the check?LOL.
    Thank you for the praise, it sure made my day when during a google search I found your blog post about MY BOOK! I thought I was the only one that talked about it. 🙂

  2. *g* It was a fantastic story.

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