Posted by: Erin | April 21, 2006

Jaynie is NOT the boss of me!

She’s almost goddess like…but she’s still not the boss of me.

Last night Jaynie got tired of my whining about how much I suck at computers so she prettied up my blog *g* Didn’t she do a great job? Jaynie rocks! (but again…still not the boss of me)

~Erin the Innocent

*I had to edit this after noticing she added something to my blog that wasn’t requested *muttering under my breath* This is why she’s only almost goddess like




  1. ooohhhhh… she did.

    i want a pretty blog….

    hey, what club? Is there a club I’m supposed to be ignoring?

  2. It’s beautiful Erin!! Great job Jaynie!!

    Putting this on my blog list, O Innocent One.


  3. I like it! I’ll have to link to it from my blog later today.


    Procrastination technique rules again!

  4. yep, erin, i agree…jaynie rocks and i’m going to learn to whinge in austrailian ~grinz~.


  5. I LOVE this swirly dye in the water effect. Way cool and makes the flow just ease in and out…. Jaynie does like to believe she is the Goddess like but she does have all have all her shots Right???

  6. ‘Tis lovely, Erin. I really like it. Jaynie is a living doll (even though she will not like me saying that — LOL)

  7. OMG–erin has a blog? How did this happen and I was unaware? The injustice of it all.

    I would never have known if I hadn’t been at Michelle’s and see the link.

    HOw did I miss this?

    I want answers and I want ’em NOW. LMAO

    DC šŸ™‚

  8. lol guys – Erin picked the template and I just put it up – easy peasy *g*

    glad you like.

    …and I am so *g*

  9. okay…i didn’t see this template when i was at blogger…is there a secret room or handshake i have to know to get to the cool templates?

  10. What a beautiful blog! Jaynie did a fantastic job!

  11. OOOh, I like…. Nice job, Erin and Jaynie!

    ok, don’t you think dynpipdjwkrz is a bit oo long for verification? Sheesh!

  12. Jaynie does like to leave her mark. Next thing you know, she will leave her little note on the Alyssa’s Adventures blog, just so the entire world will know who is boss of whom – LMHO!!!!!

  13. LOL

  14. GREAT layout. i like it better than mine. hehe

  15. erin,

    love your blog. Jaynie did a great job on prettying this up for you.

    Lee Anne

  16. I love your blog Erin! Very nice.

  17. Thanks Sarah šŸ™‚

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